Before you apply: check our admission requirements!

Before applying, be sure to check the admission requirements on the LLM page of the Brussels School of Governance’s website. It is essential that you make sure that you meet these requirements before applying (or are in the process of meeting them in your current studies).

How to apply + next steps

  1. Pay the application fee of 50 EUR either by credit card, or bank transfer:
    ING BANK, Kroonlaan 449, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
    IBAN: BE47 3630 6344 2080
    (Please make sure that in the comments section of your payment you mention ‘LLM application fee’ + your name)

  2. Send your complete application (see document checklist below) via the Submission Form on this page
  3. We aim at providing you with a decision within three weeks from receiving your complete application.

Document checklist

Please ensure that you send a complete file, including all of the documents below that are applicable to your situation (e.g. if English is your mother tongue, you do not need to send us the English proficiency certificate (E1). When sending in these documents, please make sure the file names start with the codes indicated in the table below (A1, A2, B1, etc.).

A1.     The application form duly completed and signed (incl. its completed and signed Annex 1) – DOWNLOAD HERE:

A2.     A complete and up-to-date CV

B1.     Official copy of the candidate’s final law degree, if available (If you are still in the process of obtaining your law degree, you can already apply and should indicate this information in section 2 of this form.)

C1.      Official copy of academic transcripts of the candidate’s relevant previous degree

C2.     Translation (certified) of academic transcript if not in English, Dutch, French or German languages

E1.      Recent English proficiency certificate, if applicable and available (see section 4 of the application form for further details). If you require such a certificate but have not obtained it yet, you can nevertheless already apply. If our Academic Board then decides that you meet all other admission criteria you will be accepted on the condition that you provide us with your certificate at the very latest before the Programme starts.

P1.      Copy of passport or identity document

P2.    Photograph of candidate

W1.    For applications for a waiver, a separate motivation including documented evidence of need. (see application form)

Submission form


BSoG scholarship

In addition to the affordable tuition, the Programme itself offers a limited number of scholarships that take the form of partial and comprehensive tuition fee waivers. These waivers are awarded on the basis of a separate request, submitted on a separate document as a part of the application for the Programme. The waivers are awarded upon an assessment of merit and demonstrable need and should be documented by evidence of need (see application form).

University scholarship

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel yearly awards a number of scholarships for advanced studies at Master or Advanced Master level. The candidates are also advised to carefully explore the possibilities of obtaining financial assistance in their home countries. For more information, please see the Vrije Universiteit Brussel’s Scholarships webpage.

Other scholarships

Other scholarships may be available from the following sources:

  • Rotary Foundation Fellowships may be available. Candidates should contact the Rotary Foundation within their district.
  • Within the framework of bilateral cultural agreements concluded by Belgium or the Flemish Community, fellowships are offered to students in a number of countries. Interested students should inquire directly with the relevant Ministry in their home country or the Belgian Embassy.