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In line with the latest information just issued by the government and our university the VUB, we are happy to confirm that we are continuing to prepare for the start of the 2020-2021 academic year to take place in a physical classroom set-up. The current circumstances thus allow us to maintain the core characteristic of our LLM programme -- of providing personalised, high-quality and highly interactive teaching to a relatively small group of students – in the face-to-face teaching mode, of course while having in place stringent safety precautions and procedures. Students who would not be able to physically come to Brussels in September are advised to get in touch with the Programme. While the classroom teaching with safety precautions is our main mode of teaching, we shall discuss with these students their individual case carefully and establish the best way to integrate them fully to the teaching for the time it takes them to join us. If you are such a student, please contact Mrs Marleen Van Impe (LLM Secretariat) on | +32 2 614 80 51. As the secretariat is now on a summer break, please do so on the week of August 3—7. In parallel, we have been finetuning our online education infrastructure and services, in case the government would alter its regulations for higher education institutions. This way, we can ensure that you can flexibly get the most out of your ‘PILC experience’, whichever the teaching format might be.










“This course changed my life. It allowed me to become the international corporate lawyer I wanted to be. It allowed me to understand life in the EU, to speak French fluently and to develop lifelong contacts.”Andrew Markus, Shareholder, Carlton Fields

Study international and European law in Brussels

While celebrating its 60th anniversary, the EU is undergoing one of the most turbulent times in its history. Indeed, the entire global legal order seems to be challenged: fields such as the global trade, criminal and environmental law regimes are under pressure. Our democratic system of governance as a whole is being challenged. What to make of these developments? How to prepare for a career in law under such tumultuous circumstances?

Here at the IES, we are able to offer you privileged insights and a solid training in international and European law that match the unique developments – right at the heart of the action, in Brussels. Our renowned LLM programme offers a broad, cutting-edge education to prepare you for a demanding international career in law. We help you find and successfully apply for fascinating job opportunities.

Want to know what others think about this programme? Then click here to access a May 2016 government accreditation report that gave our programme a very positive review, reaching the level of “excellent” for the core part on our educational process. The report describes the Programme as ‘best practice in international perspective.’


A full-time day programme
Our demanding programme is tailored to the challenges of the global environment, as it seamlessly combines European and international law. The programme consists of compulsory courses, three specialisation tracks (Public Law, Business Law, and Data Law) and a Master’s thesis on the subject of your choice.

Prominent alumni, dedicated staff
Limited class size ensures high interaction amongst students and professors – a bond that lasts. The alumni and professors offer a unique global network to help you in job hunting.

50% of our alumni received a job after one month
95% of our alumni received a job within 6 months

Brussels – Optimal starting point
If you want to study international and European law in Europe, then Brussels is definitely the place to be. The location of the Programme offers privileged access to the exciting developments, and an excellent starting point for establishing contacts and applying for positions in the Brussels job market.

Studying in Brussels, the international and bustling city with the largest student population in all of Belgium, is both about focus and fun. From day-time campus life to vivid nightlife. From debates on international legal transactions to clubs, concerts and football.

Karel De Gucht, IES President and Former EU Trade Commissioner


Focus and fun

Amidst an international and bustling student atmosphere, studying in Brussels is both about focus and fun. From day-time campus life to vivid nightlife. From debates on international legal transactions to clubs, concerts and football.

Being Belgium’s capital and the heart of Europe, makes Brussels a cultural melting pot with metropolitan allures. It is one of those places where you can become close friends with tomorrow’s international law practitioners and leaders. Anything can happen.

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